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Everything you need is already inside of you.

But without the altitude to make sense of your experiences and your response to them, you hunker down to defend and protect rather than observing life with curiosity and exploring new possibilities.

When offered space to open up, you can begin to see everything more clearly. You can integrate your experiences, acknowledge your judgments, lay aside your armor, and live in profoundly unprecedented ways.

Do you want the agency to make choices with clarity and show up in ways that create what you want for yourself and others?







What is Space to Thrive & who is it for?

At Space to Thrive, we design and facilitate spaces for individuals and groups to generate unprecedented awareness and powerful shifts in thought and behavior. We know that spaces like this—spaces of deep listening and explorationare rare, powerful, and uniquely able to open up new opportunities for transformation and impact.

Whether you’re an individual who’s stuck, navigating a transition, or hungry to take on more in life, or a leader looking to generate something new for your team, Space to Thrive has something for you.

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For individuals

Meet 1-on-1 for personalized coaching or spiritual direction designed to shift the thought patterns, mindsets, and beliefs that get in your way so you can embrace new vision, clarity, courage, and resilience. Packages vary in terms of session length and duration depending on your individual goals and needs.

For groups

Participate in a group space such as a workshop, retreat, or training, or join for group spiritual direction. You can join an existing group or design something new with us.

For leaders

Work with me to design a group space that fits your team or community’s needs, or do 1-on-1 leadership advancement coaching. Let’s explore together!


Hi, I’m Aly Wilson, founder of Space to Thrive. I am a coach, spiritual director, and experience designer. My passion is creating and holding space for people to expand their thinking, confront internal barriers, and embark on new possibilities. In my 10+ years of experience, I have seen spaces like this prove life-changing time and again. I’d love to explore what possibilities are waiting for you.

“The experience of being understood, versus interpreted, is so compelling you can charge admission.”

– Joseph Pine, The Experience Economy

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