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Unleash the power within

The truth is, everything you need is already inside of you.

But without the altitude to make sense of your experiences and your response to them, like most of us, you hunker down to defend and protect yourself rather than observing life with curiosity and exploring new possibilities.

When offered space to open up, you can begin to see everything more clearly. You can integrate your experiences, acknowledge your judgments, lay aside your armor, and live in profoundly unprecedented ways.

Do you want the agency to make choices with clarity and show up in ways that create what you want for yourself and others?








Spiritual Direction

Walking alongside you to discern God’s love and activity in your life.

Transformational Coaching

Partnering with you to grow, develop, and rewrite your reality.

Individual & Group Retreats

Holding renewing space for you to experience something new.

Workshops & Trainings

Teaching the skills to engage your life and relationships differently.

What is space to thrive & who is it for?

At Space to Thrive, we create spaces of deep listening and exploration for individuals and groups. We believe these kinds of spaces are rare, powerful, and uniquely able to open up new opportunities for connection, growth, and transformation.

Whether you’re an individual feeling stuck or longing for more, a leader wanting to create space for your community or team, or simply an explorer looking for opportunities to grow and experience something new, Space to Thrive has something for you.

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For individuals

Meet one-on-one for coaching or spiritual direction. Sessions are 55 minutes in length and sold in packages of six or more. We can also design individual retreat experiences to fit your needs.

For groups

Participate in a group workshop, retreat, training, or in group spiritual direction. These experiences can be designed for you or we can connect you to something that already exists.

For leaders

Meet one-on-one to accelerate your leadership effectiveness or work with us to design a group space that fits your team’s needs. Let’s explore together!


Hi, I’m Aly Wilson, founder of Space to Thrive. I’m a life coach and spiritual director who specializes in designing and facilitating spaces where people can be fully seen and deeply known. In my 10+ years of experience in religious and corporate settings, I have seen spaces like this prove powerful and life-changing time and again. I’d love to explore what possibilities are waiting for you.

“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.”

– David Augsburger

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